The Dua Journal - Quran Reflections

The Dua Journal - Quran Reflections

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The Dua Journal with Qur'anic Reflection is a beautiful, hardcover reflection journal that is not only meant to be written in, but kept as a keepsake for years to come. The design features the beautiful pastel violet colored, cloth-bound hard cover, an elegant gold embossed title, and a black satin ribbon for easy place-keeping.

This journal is designed to help you take control of your iman goals and tap into your connection with Allah and His word with open-dated pages for daily reflection without the pressure. Inside this journal you will find:

  • 80 total days of reflection.
  • 40 days with one open-dated reflection page per day, as in the original.
  • One "rabbana" dua found in the Qur'an in simple English on each reflection page. 
  • A chance to check in with each of your life areas, from work and family to deen and personal development.
  • 40 days of Qur'anic verses with explanation (tafseer), broken up into 4 separate themes.
  • Guided questions for Qur'anic reflection.
  • Suggestions on how to use each section for maximum benefit.
  • A list of the benefits of gratitude.
  • Best practices for making dua, and a  master list of duas.
  • Plus a three-step foolproof guide to staying consistent with your reflection.


ATTENTION: The Accountability Group for this journal is starting September 3rd! If interested, reserve your spot here.

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