Increased my intimacy with the words of Allah

I bought this journal to increase my intimacy with the word of Allah, to make it more in my life and this journal is exactly doing it. Ayahs (verses) are already chosen for you which makes it easier, otherwise I would not know where to begin. There are sections for the chosen ayah such as Arabic writing of it, tafsir of the verse, application of the verse and dua related to the verse. I used to use the journal not as often as I wanted because of dunya, but inshaAllah for this Ramadan I am planning to use it more often.



We are Umeda and Ashley, and together we bring you The Dua Journal. We stand for empowering women be their best selves and live their most fulfilled life by taking time out each day for prayer, gratitude and reflection. What started out as fulfilling a personal need for deeper reflection and a connection with Allah has turned into a product that inspires and uplifts Muslim women around the globe.