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October Favorites

October Favorites

Our favorite things from around the web for the month of October, 2018.
September Favorites

September Favorites

This month, we're excited to share with you some of our favorite things from around the web.
A Beginner's Guide to Daily Reflection

A Beginner's Guide to Daily Reflection

Reflection is something that we advocate for passionately here at The Dua Journal, but what does it actually mean to create a habit of reflection?


To have a relationship with Allah swt is the most imp thing for a Muslim, and dua is the essence and crux of this all. More people need to understand this and this journal is an opportunity to focus.


The Dua Journal reminds of my blessings and the privileges that God bestowed upon me. Through my prayers/reflections, I have come to the conclusion that my blessings remind me to be in the service of others.


A fresh new page for every dua gives me a chance to really acknoledge the beauty of asking Allah for all that I could wish for. It gives me a chance to clear my mind and ask myself how best to make the most out of what Allah is offering me.