Helping Muslim women rise above the noise of everyday life & cultivate a meaningful connection with Allah through dua, gratitude, and reflection. 

Infuse your daily life with the light of Islam.

The Quran Journal

A reflection journal for taking your relationship with the Quran to the next level.

With 365 days of hand-picked verses for reflection, The Quran Journal is the perfect way to build a deeper connection with the book of Allah. Let this year be the year that you cultivate a daily relationship with the Quran in this flexible, easy-to-use and overwhelm free journal.

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You want to nurture a deeper, more personal relationship with Allah, but don't know where to start.

You are stuck in the daily grind of life and your worship feels empty and disconnected. You want to live Islam in every part of your day and amplify your acts of worship, but where do you start?

The simple template in The Dua Journal will guide you in meaningful reflections, realign you with your intentions, and help you use the power of dua to bring about fulfillment in all areas of your life.

With regular use, you will experience ease in taking on new habits, maintaining motivation and focus in acts of worship, and growing through a positive cycle of goal setting and achievement.



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