Path to a positive & fulfilled life.

The Dua Journal is an Islamic guided journal for dua, gratitude, reflection, and self-development.

How it works


As a busy mom of two and a baker, I wanted something to take control of my time. I plan for certain chores during the day but I end up not finishing them. I even tried to create my own planner to reach my goals. I get too carried away with my kids and my orders, sometimes I feel guilty for not spending good amount of time on learning something new to strength my faith. After finding out about The Dua Journal, I was so excited, that I would finally get my things together, even in a small way. Ten minutes a day, at least to be thankful for great stuff happened during the day, to make dua (pray) for myself, my family, my friends and my community; set my goals, finally, when they are achieved, to be proud of myself.


I received my journal yesterday and filled out my first entry this morning. I am not a novice to journalling nor the practice of gratitude but this really is a journal like no other. I love every thing about it- from the easily accessible (and authentic) du'as that precede each entry, to my personal favourite- 'an Iman goal a day' (to keep shaytan at bay..). This is a journal so well-thought through and I plan to use it together with all my family, kids included.

It is a beautiful tool for embedding a multi-layered, holistic practice of making dua, self-reflection, gratitude and goal-setting. All aimed at purifying and elevating the soul if Allah wills it. Thank you for sharing this gift with the world Umeda, may Allah accept it and bless it for you, and for us all too.


This is a beautiful, cloth-bound journal that is perfect for reflecting on ones' spiritual goals. Journals I have used in the past tend to encourage (by virtue of their layout) daily reflection. While you most certainly CAN reflect daily with this journal, I appreciate that its structure is forgiving, so if you are busy (like me) you don't feel stressed over missing a few days. I tend to stress over missed days and then give up on journals, but I don't see this being a problem with the Dua Journal. The pages are made of very high quality paper too, so ink won't bleed through the way it does with cheap, flimsy journals. There's nothing worse than seeing part of yesterday's entry bleeding through on today's blank page.

Love this journal and plan to buy a second one once I fill the one I currently have!

T's Mom

Having a full time job and going to school as well has made me realize I need to learn to relax and self reflect! This journal allows you to realize the positive things in life and allow you to think about all the great things that happened that day. It also allows you to come closer to your faith and it's for all types of faiths! I find it great and unique that every entry starts with a dua or a suplication. the entry consists of writing things you are grateful for, positive outcomes in your day etc. Umeda, has truest inspired me to actually keep up with my journal compared to others. The design of it is a hard cover and a light gray color. The style of writing in this journal a sense of comfort and serenity!


I really like the journal, it's really what I was looking for. When you have a lot on your shoulders, it is always great to have a few minutes for yourself and for your own feelings. And remember what really matters most! This journal helps me keep my thoughts on right things and make my journey with Allah more easier. 


I was 7 when I got my first diary. I think I didn't grasp the concept well because it was more of a rant journal than a notebook to keep track of my daily experiences. I eventually stopped writing at the age of 16 years old because it was about time. Nevertheless, I never stopped writing about my feelings & thoughts whether it's on my iphone's note pad or Tumblr blog. Unfortunately, those notes are rarely about blessings & what brightens my day because I always untruthfuly feel like talking about gratefulness is some form of bragging. I always thought that keeping a diary can only be useful for those shitty days, which is far from the truth. @theduajournal is such a nice reminder to not only count your blessings, but also to set goals to be the better version of yourself.


For as long as I can remember, I used to have a planner and would write down my daily list of things-to-do. And checking things off after completing them would just be the best feeling ever 😃Once I got busy with family life though my lists started to be too long and I could never seem to check anything off! That didn't feel good so I just stopped making lists lol! Trying to get back in the habit of writing daily goals because it really works, but with a focus on priorities. Been using this journal to note only my top 3 most important goals for the day and it's saving my life this week!!


Dua(prayer)is the essence of worship.
Self care is not always my strong suite. I long ago pushed my morning rituals to the side in order to gain a few extra minutes for the to do lists. 
I received my journal from @theduajournal yesterday and have began the take back of my self care this morning. 
The time we spend in prayer strengthens our faith in God. It reminds us that we are not alone and gives us the strength to endure the many challenges of life .