The Dua Journal - Children's
The Dua Journal - Children's
The Dua Journal - Children's

The Dua Journal - Children's

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At The Dua Journal, we stand for empowering women be their best selves and live their most fulfilled life by taking time out each day for prayer, gratitude and reflection. Because our children are an amanah from Allah and it is from their rights upon us to be taught about Islam, we are now bringing the practice of prayer and gratitude to the rest of the family with The Dua Journal for children.

Our children’s The Dua Journal is a beautiful, hardcover reflection journal that is not only meant to be written in, but kept as a keepsake for years to come. The design features a beautiful baby blue cloth-bound hard cover, an elegant silver embossed title, and a blue satin ribbon for easy place-keeping. This journal also uses a fun font to help take the formality out of journaling and engage young Muslims.

This journal is designed to create space for family bonding and to introduce kids of any age to the concept of iman goals and personal development, introspection, and our connection to Allah. Inside this journal you will find:

  • One open-dated reflection page per day, with reflection prompts geared towards children.
  • A second daily reflection page with sections for doodles.
  • Inspirational duas on each page.
  • Suggestions on how to use each section for maximum benefit.
  • A list of the benefits of gratitude.
  • Best practices for making dua.
  • Plus a guide to staying consistent with reflection.



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