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At The Dua Journal, we seek to help Muslim women cut through the noise and overwhelm of our everyday lives and build a meaningful connection with Allah through dua, gratitude, and reflection.

We know that each of you has different situations and circumstances and are in different places in your journey with practicing Islam. That is why we created our journals to gently guide you through reflection, while remaining fully customizable to your needs.

Whether this is your first step to living a more faith-filled life, or you are looking for the next stepping stone in your journey, we have a journal for you.




Launch of the first The Dua Journal - Original and new Instagram account by Umeda.


Launch of The Dua Journal - Dear Allah and - Children. 

Ashley brought on as a business partner.


Launch of The Dua Journal - Quran Reflections.


Launch of The Quran Journal in collaboration with digital artist and Quran journaler, MariamPoppins. The Dua Journal - Self Love & Confidence in collaboration with Life Coach, Amina Saad.

Saida brought on for Order Fulfillment. 


Launch of The Dua Journal - Better than a Thousand Months. 

Insha brought on as Social Media Manager and Noor brought on as Campaign Manager.

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Umeda Islamova

I enjoy reading dua translations online, in books, and on my adhan app. They inspire me, remind me, motivate me and deepen my spirituality. I wanted to create a system for myself to look at the duas on a consistent and frequent basis. I needed a way to make the duas visible, accessible, and effortless to get to. 

I have been journaling for as long as I can remember. I love reflection, introspection, clarity and know that writing is the catalyst to that process. I’m also a big fan of goal-setting, intentional-living, and progress. And I wanted to put together something that would bring all of these things together with the duas.

My goal with The Dua Journal is to provide a resource for spiritual development and bring people closer to Allah. I aim to remove negative feelings such as shame, fear, and guilt and instead remind the ummah (or the Muslim community) of love and mercy of Allah. My interest is in making dhikr (or awareness and remembrance of Allah) an easy and natural feat.

Kindest of regards,

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Ashley Bounoura

Before Islam, my days had no meaning beyond my achievements, the boxes I crossed off my to-do lists. My goals were defined by everyone else's versions of success - a certain level of education, a certain amount of money, certain clothes on a certain kind of body. I was becoming increasingly lost and empty as I chased after worldly things.

When I began to study Islam, everything started to click into place. I will never forget the day I knew Islam had finally entered my heart; The first time I ever heard the adhaan called live and prayed in congregation, tears streaming down my face, overwhelmed with the beauty of it all.

Of course, my journey since then has been full of ups and downs, iman highs and lows. It can be difficult at times, but with the right support from tools and community, in shaa Allah I will continue to grow in faith and as a person.

This is why I was thrilled to join Umeda here at The Dua Journal in her mission to uplift and support Muslim women in stepping back from the daily grind to find fulfillment and connection through their relationship with Allah. I firmly believe in using our presence on this earth to spread positivity, give encouragement, and share the beauty of Islam with others. That is exactly what The Dua Journal stands for, and I am honored to be a part of that.

With warm wishes and duas,


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Highest Quality

Our journals are 100% made in the USA from the highest quality materials: from the elegant cloth-bound hard cover, to the thick, creamy paper inside.


By Muslims, for Muslims

Our products were created first and foremost to fill a need we felt ourselves. As two Muslim women, we understand your struggles and needs!


Support Small Business

When you shop with us, you aren't funding the millionaire CEO of a huge corporation. You're helping two Muslim women support their families.


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