The Dua Journal Community - A Balanced Online Space

The Dua Journal Community - A Balanced Online Space

The Dua Journal Community - A Balanced Online Space

Today, I want to share something that has been on my mind for quite a while.

I've been very burnt out on the internet and especially social media for quite some time now. I'm trying to find that balance between keeping in touch with friends and family and consuming inspirational content, and being overwhelmed by constant information, messages, and things (like politics) that I don't necessarily want in my headspace on a daily basis. More and more, I've been noticing that every time I open up my laptop, I begin to feel cluttered, anxious, like there is too much going on that I just can't keep up with.

On the other hand, there is the community around The Dua Journal - those of you who follow us on Instagram and comment on our posts, those we have such authentic and amazing conversations with, those sisters in business around us that we collaborate with, those of you reading this post right now.

With everything that goes on online, both within the Muslim community and in the world at large, I have found our community to be one of the most open, supportive, and inspirational that I have come across. This is a community where I can truly be myself, share my struggles and my joys, and enjoy the companionship of beautiful, kind-hearted, Allah-seeking sisters all around the world. And as a convert who has bounced around from one community to another (online and in the real world), I can tell you what we have is rare, and it is special. It is a safe haven that I can check into when I log on, a place to engage with our faith and grow together.

One of the things that drew me to Islam in the beginning was the promise of sisterhood, of having each others' backs, and supporting and loving one another solely based on our shared faith in the same Creator. After I said my shahada, I found that those promises of sisterhood were coming up empty, people slowly fading away as the excitement of a new convert wore off and it was time for the hard work. I made dua for years to find a community that would love me and support me and accept me for who I am, and where I could return that sentiment, and alhamdulillah, I feel like I have truly begun to find that in the people I've met through my work here.

Today, I want to share my deep gratitude with you. Thank you for showing up in this community, and engaging to make it the beautiful space that it is. I look forward to getting to know each of you more and sharing our spiritual journeys with one another, uplifting and supporting each other when we need it most.

I would love it if you could take a minute to introduce yourself in the comments. Where are you from, and what do you love about this community space?

And if you haven't already, please come join us on Instagram and Pinterest and continue the discussion!

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