Our Favorites #1

Our Favorites #1

Our Favorites #1

This month, we're excited to share with you some of our favorite things from around the web! We hope you enjoy, and would love to hear about what you're loving this month down in the comments.

Umeda's September Favorites:

Stars in the Prophet’s Orbit
I started my first Islamic course with Ribaat called ‘Companions of the Prophet.’ The readings for the course are from this book and it is amazing! Easy to understand. Organized timeline. And a good selection of companions, including women! Image courtesy of product page above.

Vitamin K2 + D3 with Organic Coconut Oil
A lot of women are Vitamin D deficient. We hear this quite often, but it was through many interactions that I learned what kind of Vitamin D I needed to take and which brand to go for. Nobody tells you K2 should be taken to better absorb Vitamin D. Image courtesy of Amazon.

Stainless Steel Bathroom Sprayer
This is a game changer. For someone who has to deal with washing quite a bit, I don’t know why I took so long to get this installed. No more random plastic cups around the bathroom. Image courtesy of Amazon.

I took a break from Wunderlist for a while but I’m back at it again because it is just a nice and organized way of maintaining a to-do master list. I have my lists broken down into Personal, Work, and TDJ. I still use paper and pencil because that’s just how I process things better, but Wunderlist has been essential in having a place where I dump things as I think of them. Then I transfer little at a time to my paper list based on priority and urgency. Image courtesy of wunderlist.com.

Brow Pencil
As you know I stopped plucking my eyebrows this summer. It was the next step in my journey of letting go. I pray that I’m focused enough and confident enough to stick through with this one, but while I adjust, IT Cosmetics brow pencil has been a dear friend. I have been using IT products for years and years and I’m happy to say this company continues to win my heart. It applies easily and the brush leaves a more natural-looking tint to my brows. Image courtesy of Amazon.com.

Ashley's September Favorites:

Nelson’s Naturals Toothpaste
So far, September for me has been all about natural health and beauty products. I know they are expensive, but putting my money towards products that are more sustainable, healthy for my body, and ethically produced is an expense I am willing to have. I love this toothpaste - it leaves my teeth feeling dentist-fresh, and I love the cute glass jar! The taste took a little getting used to, but I still have that great fresh breathe feeling. Image courtesy of nelsonsnaturals.com
Argan Oil Shampoo Bar
This is another natural product that I have been in love with. No big plastic packaging, easy to carry around when I travel, and it lasts for ages! The shampoo itself smells amazing and is seriously moisturizing for my thick hair. And did I mention the scent is just amazing? Image courtesy of lush.com.

Embroidery by Sabrina Elizabeth
I myself am a needle crafter, so I tend to stalk a lot of other embroiderers' accounts on Instagram. I've been following Sabrina's needle/artwork for quite a while now, and I just love her floral pieces. She also has some more feminine and motherhood oriented pieces for those who are interested. Image courtesy of Sabrina's Etsy shop here.

Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet
Continuing on with my natural health theme for the month, this is a book I have recently started reading. Now that I am trying to go more natural with my skincare and beauty, I am also really interested in paying closer attention to what I am putting in my body and how that relates to my health. And what better remedies to learn about than the remedies of our Prophet, peace and blessings upon him! Image courtesy of Amazon.com
Sports Abaya from East Essence
This one has been a revelation for me! I spent a long time trying to figure out how to maintain modesty in a way that I am comfortable with while still doing the physical activities that I love. This one is so super comfy, and not excessively heavy. I can wear it out hiking, ice skating, and I've even worn it jogging! All I have to do is throw on my capri jogging leggings underneath, and a scarf on top, and I am ready to go! Plus, it's got a big pocket in the front to hold phone, keys, etc. Image courtesy of East Essence.
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