June Dua Circle

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This month's theme is Hearing Your Heart's Voice.

Join us this month to work towards inner peace & calm, deepen your clarity & perception, feel supported & safe, and be held in love by a community of wonderful sisters.

Friday 24th June 2022 | 1pm - 3pm CST

Online via Zoom

Women only

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Grounding in God

Allah created our souls with both a spiritual and material dimension, our spirit (ruh) pulling us upwards towards the Heavens and our selves (nafs) pulling us downwards towards the Earth. As part of our earthly nature, it is very important that we are able and learn to ground ourselves. Grounding in God intends to bring us present into the moment through the remembrance of Allah. "Verily in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest."

The Heart Space

Many of us are chronically stuck in our head space, and we are preoccupied with thoughts, worries, anxieties and uncertainties. In order to reach a place of calm clarity, we must reach our heart space. Through a guided somatic meditation, we will get still, and together move from our heads to our hearts, so that our heart's voice can be heard.

Community Journaling

After in shaa Allah getting more grounded and calm in our heart spaces, various journaling prompts will be offered as we journal in community. The journal prompts are merely suggestions, but ultimately the purpose of community journaling is to hold space together as we allow our intentions, prayers and reflections to come up from our hearts and be put down on paper.

Reflecting in Circle

After journaling, some time will be dedicated to sharing any reflections and holding space for the collective wisdom to surface. As "The believer is the mirror for the believer," much clarity, understanding and healing can come from sharing with one another.