Journey Through Ten Thousand Veils
Journey Through Ten Thousand Veils

Journey Through Ten Thousand Veils

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Author: Maryam Kabeer Faye

Brand: Light Inc

Edition: 1st ed.


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ISBN: 1597841358

Number Of Pages: 320

Publisher: Tughra Books

Release Date: 2009-01-01

Details: Born in a Jewish family, Maryam Kabeer was led to live in India and Nepal, and in monasteries in Europe, and then guided to embrace Islam at the hands of an ancient Sufi Master a few minutes away from the tomb of the Prophet Abraham. She then was guided to study intensively with Sufi Masters around the world. Her journey to the holy places and people of the earth, led her finally to Africa and the deep truth that all lives are totally interconnected and united with our own. This book is a significant and revealing social commentary, also dispelling many other myths and stereotypes such as the proposition, often fostered by the media, that women are inevitably oppressed in Islam. On the contrary, it is by entering into the heart of Islam that the author was liberated, elevated, empowered, and guided to realize the true purpose of her existence.

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