Assalamu aleikum.

I am often asked how I came up with the idea of The Dua Journal. In honesty, I’ve put together a product based on few others that inspired me. And I put it to meet a demand both I and the community as a whole has, and that is the need to reflect on ourselves, our lives, and Allah.  We have a need to be centered, to be positive, and be deeply connected to Allah.

I enjoy reading dua translations online, in books, and on my adhan app. They inspire me, remind me, motivate me and deepen my spirituality.  I wanted to create a system for myself to look at the duas on a consistent and frequent basis. I needed a way to make the duas visible, accessible, and effortless to get to.  

I have been journaling for as long as I can remember. I love reflection, introspection, clarity and know that writing is the catalyst to that process. I’m also a big fan of goal-setting, intentional-living, and progress. And I wanted to put together something that would bring all of these things together with the duas.

My goal with The Dua Journal is to provide a resource for spiritual development and bring people closer to Allah. I aim to remove negative feelings such as shame, fear, and guilt and instead remind the ummah (or the Muslim community) of love and mercy of Allah. My interest is in making dhikr (or awareness and remembrance of Allah) an easy and natural feat.

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Umeda Islamova

Winning the lottery has been the theme of Umeda’s life—starting with literally winning a lottery to come to the United States. She’s married to an amazing man through an arranged marriage 10 days after she met him. She gave birth to premature twin girls after an experimental fetal laser surgery and 30% chance of survival. And gave birth to her son 28 months later.

Umeda earned an MBA focused in strategy while typing reports with kids on her shoulders and reading strategy books as bedtime stories. Her career revolves around entrepreneurship, product development, and marketing. And it all began with managing a tech company which she transformed from a minimally viable software to 25 implementations across the U.S. and grant funding of $100K. She now works as an Operations Manager at a tech company.

She loves balance, spirituality, personal development, creative expression, financial stability, and minimalism.