October Iman Accountability Group

October Iman Accountability Group

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Are you having a hard time staying accountable in your prayers, Quran-reading, and journaling? 

Do you struggle with peaked motivation followed by complete loss of interest and focus? 

Do you lack a community around your faith and worship? 

Have you been a part of Whatsapp and Facebook group and got completely overwhelmed with all the messages? 

Do you want to make changes, but just need a little push? 

Do you want to feel more connected with Allah and your faith?

Then this accountability group is for you. 

Small group setting

Progress status report

Daily check-ins by all participants

Motivation-boosting posts by organizers

Informal conversations around faith 

Instagram style feed

NEVER FEEL ALONE AGAIN - every participant is working on prayer, Quran, and journaling with you. 

The group starts Monday, October 1, inshaAllah and will run for four weeks.  There are three goals which all of us are going to check in with: 

1. Salah 7x/week
2. Quran 5x/week
3. Journal 3x/week


THIS IS AN ALL WOMAN GROUP. There will be a maximum of 15 participants. Daily check-ins are required. It will take no more than 10 minutes for you to check-in. I encourage that you comment on others' posts. Engagement will spur a sense of community and accountability. 

You will receive an email with the access code on September 30th.

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