The Limited Edition Collection

Tools to develop a relationship with Allah, uplift spirituality, and flourish as a Muslim woman.

Limited Edition Hard Cover Journals

The Dua Journal - Self Love

A reflection journal for beginning your journey to finding or deepening your self-love as a Muslim woman, through building your relationship with Islam and Allah.


The Dua Journal - Children's

The Dua Journal - Children's is designed to help young Muslims looking to strengthen their family bonds, introduce a lifelong habit of reflection, gratitude, and prayer, and to begin creating a deeper and more personal relationship with Allah and their identity as Muslims.


Better Than a Thousand Months

A new journal developed with a holistic approach to worship and life to take you through a spiritual journey during the month that is better than a thousand other months.


The Quran Bundle

The Quran Bundle is the perfect package for someone who wants to begin or deepen their relationship with the Quran. This bundle includes one The Dua Journal - Self Love and one The Quran Journal.



Our Story

We are Umeda and Ashley, and together we bring you The Dua Journal. We stand for empowering women be their best selves and live their most fulfilled life by taking time out each day for prayer, gratitude and reflection. What started out as fulfilling a personal need for deeper reflection and a connection with Allah has turned into a product that inspires and uplifts Muslim women around the globe.