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Flowering Dua Stickers (2)

A set of Flowering Dua stickers to use as a fun decoration in your space. Can be used on laptops, mirrors, notebooks, stationary and more! The hands represent our prayers, and the flowers represent the fruit of our prayer.


The Dua Space Prayer Rug

A prayer rug for the modern Muslimah. Featuring a reversible minimalist design, it is the perfect complement to any prayer space and infuses a sense of tranquility and serenity into your home.


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The Dua




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This mat helps calm me down and enables me to pray. I have anxiety and PTSD. I like the modern and minimalist design, it matches current home decor, rather than the typical ubiquitous prayer rugs from other countries.

- Shireen-

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I love everything about it [The Dua Journal] - from the easily accessible (and authentic) duas that precede each entry, to my personal favorite - an iman goal a day (to keep Shaytan at bay). This is a journal so well thought through and I plan to use it together with all my family, kids included.

- Aisha-

Our Story

We are Umeda and Ashley, and together we bring you The Dua Journal. We stand for empowering women be their best selves and live their most fulfilled life by taking time out each day for prayer, gratitude and reflection. What started out as fulfilling a personal need for deeper reflection and a connection with Allah has turned into a product that inspires and uplifts Muslim women around the globe.