your iman goal for the next month

As an end nears and a new beginning approaches, start thinking about what's next. It's prep time. Mental and physical.

Ramadan was a time to refocus and reprioritize. It's a source of an ignition or a boost to our iman.

So now we must feed off that boost and continue on seeking Allah actively and maintaining a quality worship.

So think what is your iman goal for the next month? ⠀

Start writing down or at least thinking about what worked and what didn't in your faith / iman journey. Evaluate your load.

What can you let go of to be more present and intentional with your faith?

What's getting in the way?

What's helping you stick to it?

Think back at what you've been meaning to start or try out. It doesn't need to be anything big. And certainly not for long. Just a one month trial. Again from crescent to crescent.⠀

Think of it like this: if next month was another month dedicated to Allah and you could choose the EXTRA effort (anything other than fasting) what would it be?

It has to be something you weren't already doing before Ramadan.

Comment below what's your next extra effort.

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