you are not alone

Today’s reflection was inspired by an excerpt from ‘A Year of yes’.

“You see, Shondaland, the imaginary land of Shonda, has existed since I was 11 years old.⠀

I built it in my mind as a place to hold my stories. A safe place. A space for my characters to exist. A space for ME to exist. Until I could get the hell out of being a teenager and could run out into the world and be myself.⠀

Less isolated, less marginalized, less invisible in the eyes of my peers.⠀

Until I could find my people in the real world.⠀

I don’t know if anyone has noticed but I only ever write about one thing: being alone. The fear of being alone, the desire to not be alone, the attempts we make to find our person, to keep our person, to convince our person to not leave us alone, the joy of being with our person and thus no longer alone, the devastation of being left alone.⠀

The need to hear the words: You are not alone.⠀
The fundamental human need for one human being to hear another human being say to them: ‘You are not alone. You are seen. I am with you. You are not alone.'” Shonda Rhimes, A Year of Yes.⠀

You are not alone. Allah has blessed you with people who care for you.⠀

Make sure you are not limiting the sources of love and care. Don’t fall into focusing on one source to the point that you invalidate the waterfall of love and care you get from other sources.⠀

Be grateful to the people you have in your life. Every single one of them were put in your life directly by Allah with a specific intention of benefiting you.⠀

And absolutely take advantage of not being alone. Surround yourself. Always. ⠀

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