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As I was flossing my daughter's teeth, my mom-in-law once spoke about her concern that flossing may cause gaps in between teeth. And she didn't think that was attractive in a girl. I was puzzled by the order of her priority.

But then... what society engrains in us is so subtle.

It's hard to distinguish 'I worry about this because of someone else' from 'I worry about this because of Allah or because it's good for me'. It made me wonder how many things I have to unlearn to better align myself with Islam.

The older I get, the more I notice things I was taught which have no Islamic basis... they are strictly cultural or societal. Or I catch myself wanting or wanting to change only to realize it's for no good reason.

 As humans, over and over again we've fallen into trends... for the benefit of someone else... to be agreeable with those other than Allah, the One who truly matters.

You see, the people who love and will love my daughter won't care about the gaps between her teeth. Health is always the priority, over attractiveness. Check your priorities. Are you staying true to Allah and Yourself? Is there anything you need to unlearn to stop sacrificing what truly matters in life? 🌷Umeda

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