when i get more time, it still won't be enough

If we get to the core of things... it is not quantity of time we are seeking. It is quality of time.

I keep running after more time. I need more time. I have so much to do and not enough time. Yesterday, talking with my husband, we realized I will never be satisfied with whatever amount of time I get... even if I magically get more time.

I realized what I crave most is the quality of the time. What you and I need to do is be more intentional about how we use our time.

Know your priorities. Make time for them and don't sweat the small stuff. Knowing deep down that you are 'on purpose' with your time, relieves you of unnecessary guilt of not completing something else.

Figure out what is your 'non-negotiable'. I sweat so much about getting kids to bed at 9 that I run around like crazy trying to fit everything in and then I feel bad for again not making time for surah memorization, or reading a book, etc.

They are old enough now that 9:00 doesn't have to be my non-negotiable. They can go to bed 30 minutes later without much negative consequence. 30 minutes allow me to get what intended done. My non-negotiable instead needs to become surah memorization if that is what I want to prioritize in their development.

Plan out in advance the things you want to get done. What you will eat this week. Prayer times. Have a mental visualization of your days. So when the day comes, you spend less time 'deciding' what to do and more time actually doing something with quality. Think 'Ideal Day' and 'Must Get Done' printables I sent you from the coming The Dua Planner.

Just reflect on it for a min. What are you actually seeking? Will quantity ACTUALLY solve your problem? Maybe, just maybe, quality is what you need more.

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