what's left when the fog passes?

Have you noticed how easily we can stop caring about our relationships? How easy it is to let go. People have become so easily replaceable with other distractions. So easily forgotten.

Life is getting filled with more and more fluff. Our very realities are becoming fogged down. Our businesses, workplace environment, marketing ourselves, content everywhere (gazillion books to read, fun articles, addicting shows, self-development courses, motivational videos),

endless goals to set, certain lifestyle to push for, the next trendy thing to buy, more money, more travel, more consumption, how to stand out, how to grow a tribe, how to be better at everything, how to make my kid stand out, social media(!!!)... so many platforms... checking messages on all these platforms... how to earn extra credit points in our faith but still stay relevant in the eye of society, etc etc etc. SO MUCH FOG.

I keep thinking if all this fog clears, what do I have left? How cruel, isn't it, to have to live with clarity in mind when all we can see is the fog?

So you tell me, sisters and brothers, when the fog clear, WHO AND WHAT DO YOU WANT LEFT? When all you have left is you just the way you are and everything is wiped out, what pieces of your life would you want put back in? I'm serious. Comment below what quickly comes to mind.

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