dedicating every area of our life to Allah

No matter what level of iman we have, we need to decide that we are going to dedicate every area of our life to Allah. ⠀

What we say.⠀
What we think.⠀
What we see.⠀
What we listen to.⠀
What we entertain ourselves with. ⠀
What we consume.⠀
What we spend on. ⠀
What we put on.⠀
Who we surround ourselves with.⠀
How we treat people.⠀
What we do to earn.⠀
How we raise our children.⠀
What we give.⠀

A life of a Muslim has always been routed against the flow. Every one of our Prophets fought against the flow of the general population. We are a part of an enlightened circle. We have been hand-picked to have sight and knowledge of what is TRUE... of what is REAL.

Now, do remember the flow of the rest of the world is much stronger due to its volume. But although a narrow stream, we Muslims have more intensity through Allah to help us remain in the right flow.

We have been influenced by many cultures and traditions (again strength through volume): to the point that it's hard to know exactly what is culture and what is Islam. We stand right in the middle of opposite flows unable to move. One side flowing with strength and the other side with intensity to the opposite direction. ⠀

But as long as we can all go back to the basics, we can find ourselves again... the way Allah meant us to be.

Your religion is Islam, but Islam is not just one area of your life. Being a Muslim is a way of life and everything that emanate from you must be a reflection of Islam.

So take a minute to think... if a complete stranger, a blind stranger, came to you and spent 30 minutes with you, would that person know you are a slave of Allah?

Reflect on your speech, thoughts, surroundings, clothing, relationships, character, and habits. And if you think there is work to be done, then you have taken the biggest step in emanating Islam: admitting to the fact that you could do better is the vital part of becoming a true slave of Allah.

Now, let's go to the basics and take small, consistent steps toward the right direction. Let's decide that we are GOING TO dedicate every area of our life to Allah.

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