what modern muslims means to me

People talk about 'Modern Muslims': some with a cringe and some with comfort. Let me explain what Modern Muslimhood is to me:⠀

To me, being a Modern Muslim is about being honest, understanding, genuine, and forgiving about our journey in Islam. Faith does not have to be a taboo conversation. Old are the days when people were left to feel lonely in their struggles... the struggle total submission to Allah involves. ⠀

Being a Modern Muslim means taking out the guilt, shame and judgement out of the picture. More and more, through honest conversations, we are finding out that many people are going through the same struggles. ⠀

Being a Modern Muslim is about actively seeking knowledge, reflecting, sharing, and empowering each other. ⠀

As women, especially, it's really hard to commit to constantly seeking knowledge, increasing iman, and improving our practice with so many things going on: motherhood, cleaning, studying, cooking, earning, taking care of ourselves, being partners, etc. ⠀

There are many who can relate. We are all in this together. Let's open up the conversation. Let's share. Let's question. Let's answer. Let's find accountability in each other. Islam doesn't have to be a lonely journey.

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