way to wisdom and grace is... time

We got together with the big family for dinner on Sunday. I had the opportunity to hang out with my high-school aged niece and nephew.

They told me about their high-school adventures. Things that happened between friends and things that were said, etc. I blissfully listened to them open up. I watched their reactions and expressions. So fired and alive. So concerned about worldly things and people (who they will probably forget in a decade.) There was a point, I found myself wanting to intervene. I wanted to tell them not be so concerned. I wanted to remind them of Muslim-hood. I wanted to ask them how they thought Allah viewed their choices. I wanted to 'adult'.

But then I know it takes just one wrong phrase and they would shut down on me. At that point, I would be in the dark. If I felt helpless now, then not knowing would be worse. I had to bite my tongue.

For many seconds, I stood there passively listening and toying around with ideas on what to say and what response I would likely get from them.

For many seconds, I wished for wisdom. ...

For something to say that would make them stop and think...

For a lesson to pass on...

For a story to inspire.

For many seconds, I wished for grace...

For a way to gently present words to give them a better perspective of their choices, priorities, and thoughts... without making them feel judged or put down.

For many seconds, I wanted them to know Allah was with them. To be patient. To not worry about worthless high-school things.

For many seconds, I only did one thing. I listened. After many minutes, And I left the room knowing I need to make more time for them... because I was reminded the only way to wisdom and grace is... time. Most importantly they need to know they have someone to talk to. When the time is right, Allah gives wisdom and grace where you least expect it. 🌷Umeda

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