want success? gain clarity

One thing I know for sure about success (although don't hold be to this because obviously I'm not successful) is that you really need to FIGURE OUT what you want in life.

You have to be as clear as possible in your vision (with an expectation that you will cut through the fog when it comes.)

It's with this clarity that your subconscious will follow your lead and overcome the doubts and fears before they manifest. It's with this clarity that you will filter through life focusing only on what will aid you in getting to your vision.

That said, many of us fail in having this clarity (including me) because of availability and possibility of so many options/routes.

Many of us can't make it past rejecting an option/route regardless of how possible it is. DECIDE! COMMIT! TAKE THE RISK OF CHOOSING ONE OPTIONS... and accept that it may not be the ideal. Who on Earth will know which will be the ideal? NOBODY!

Don't roam around failing to settle on something that may not be perfect. Stop whining collecting a list of WHAT I DON'T WANT. Start a list of WHAT I WANT! Be specific!

And build towards it. And you'll see the more you know exactly what you want, the quicker you will get to it. Today's food for thought: WHAT IS YOUR LIFE VISION? Who is it you want to be?

You guys, have FUN while you build your vision. Make learning FUN. Make Islam FUN. Make your iman FUN. Islam is a religion of LIGHT.

And the only way you will clarify your LIGHT is by digging in and digging deep. I love using this journal. It's a fun process and I am always open to trying out different journals. Each has a light of its own. Each will give you the clarity you seek. One piece at a time.

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