I love going on walks. There is a one mile loop in my neighborhood that I usually take. I take kids so they can burn energy, to give them opportunity to breath fresh air and also to be with them.

Honestly, it takes getting out of the house and away from housework for me to focus and just be with the kids.

Yesterday, on our walk, one of my daughters wanted to roller skate instead. I warned her that we weren't coming back if she got tired of roller skates halfway in. Because we've had to do that many, many times.

She said she would be ok. Of course, halfway in she gets very tired of roller skates. So her siblings help by pulling her while she drags behind.

About 3/4 of the way, she says she doesn't know if she can keep going because her feet are hurting.

Whines. Whines. Her sister, who is usually the whiny one, says, "Sophie, you can do it!

You will be fine! Just think positive.

You have to think positive!" Sophie responds, "But it's hard to think that way when I'm tired!"

Sometimes it takes listening to least expected sources to remind you of how life works. In my case, listening to two 7-year olds did the job.⠀It is so true though! We have a million posts, people, lectures telling us to think positive. To do this. To do that. Handing us the keys to a better way of life... a better way of thinking. But we are too distracted, too tired, too lost, too in pain to incorporate them into our lives. To begin.

To make changes.

To build a plan of action.

There is a gap in between a lesson and a mindset that acts upon that lesson.

This gap is capacity.

This capacity determines if you take action or not.

So test your capacity:

Do you have mental energy to make positive changes in your life?

If no, what can you let go of to make space for positive change?⠀

If yes, can you intentionally reserve some time to plan and follow through with action?

If no, what can you let go of to make time for positive change?⠀

If yes, can you involve yourself in activities and surround yourself with people who will support you in maintaining motivation for change?

If no, what activities and people can be replaced with better ones? 🌷Umeda

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