unity between people

My husband and I watched the Oscars together last night. All the beauty and elegance. I enjoyed the humor this time: it was light and geared towards people with just the right sense of humor. Except for D. Trump. In my lifetime, I hadn't seen people fight unstoppable against their leader.

Usually there is buzz, then things calm down. People take it. This time people have been pushing through. There were so many references to immigrants, inclusivity, unity, peace, appreciation, and diversity. It was graceful. There is something so special about seeing people support and lift each other, Muslim and non-Muslim.

I question if this level of unity between people of America would exist without D. Trump. Would it?⠀Look at all the traction we are getting. The attention. The realization that we Muslims have been getting beat for a long, long time. For things we either didn't even do, or for things which make us who we are. As arms and hearts open to the people of my faith, I feel less and less fear for what I believe in. Fear has been instilled in me for my entire life. Islam was looked down upon in the country I was born, and here in the US, the country I grew up. And knowing that I am safe and my children are safe regardless of my faith feels like a burden lifting off. I never doubted the trueness of Islam, but the journey can be heavy, lonely, and even scary sometimes. Today, my reflection is on gratitude. To all the people around me. Muslims and non-Muslims. Those who have been fighting in my... our cause. Those who have been stepping up with every last strength so others can feel more free and comfortable. Those who make me feel safe. Those who speak. Those who act. Those who've made inclusivity and acceptance their mission. Thank you. 🌷Umeda

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