I thought a lot before going ‘public’ on Instagram. I’ve been raised to hide being a Muslim for safety purposes and that didn’t change when we came to the US 20-some years ago. 

It took a lot of time and guts to go public for me and reading this book brought all my fears back. I haven’t read the whole thing yet and please don’t take this as a ‘review’ per se but more of a reflection as usual. 

It talks about the Islamophobia in the government (way before Trump.) The active Islamophobia in the media and the people who depend solely on the media to draw opinions (and actions.)

Nothing new, really, but it just reminds you of the reality and the fact that people have lost livelihoods and even lives due to Islamophobia. 

And the thought that putting myself out there opens up my family to danger is utterly scary for me and makes me want to hide. 

But then there is another part of me that feels responsible to take action, even if the smallest choice. Islamophobia is an issue and we cannot just accept it and hide for safety. 

How can we live a positive life when we have to hold back who we truly are? How can we help others when we can’t help ourselves? How can we grow when our roots are not set?

That’s not us. We come of people who stood for what they believed in. We are of a history of bold and brave who were true to themselves, who strived and thrived for integrity and high moral standards.

I’m crazy scared that I won’t be able to protect my children, but it scares me more that THEY will have to live in FEAR. And I stand tall, unashamed, unhidden. I strive to enhance my community and be the catalyst for more openness, acceptance, and understanding.

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