There are a few Public Figures/Instagram Accounts whom I love but avoid. ⠀

The reason is one: With these accounts, I just can't be a passive consumer. These accounts push me to WANT to CHANGE something about my life, choices, or even sometimes how I am. ⠀

Although I know they've structured their lives around their social media presence, they make it look effortless, fun, and exciting!⠀

I can imagine what they have sacrificed and I know deeply those are the things I don't want to sacrifice myself. ⠀

Or they've become a certain way due to their experiences, and I don't want to become that way. ⠀

I can imagine how much they have pushed on towards the empire they've created. And I know I will not want to push that long to get the empire they have. ⠀

I keep telling myself just because I can do it, doesn't mean I have to pursue it.

This battle. This exact battle is one I get tired of playing and replaying in my mind.⠀

No matter how fun it may look... no matter how possible it may look, I know deep down that's not my mission. And I know clearly, at the end of it all, I won't think it was all worth it. ⠀

Now apply this to a broader term: At times we have to say goodbye to things and people we love and enjoy. ⠀

I want peace. I crave balance. I yearn for depth. If anything interferes with these, I'm out. ⠀
Rick Warren once said, you should say “no” to good opportunities so that you can say “yes” to the great ones. If you don’t let go of the good opportunities, you won’t be able to make the most of the great ones.⠀

Stay true to YOU. And don't let any fun, fancy and exciting stray you away from who you truly are. ⠀

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