Monday, I'm sitting in a meeting, and my boss calls and asks me to join him in meeting a lady from Uganda who came here through a Young African Leaders Initiative. She along with 999 were selected to come to the US from 68,000 applicants.⠀

My boss thought my background in product development, entrepreneurship, and market strategy would help give her direction.⠀

Jennifer told me about the situations in the little village where she volunteers and started her initiative.. She said because of the constant war, everyone has moved to war camps. Women are not educated because they end up going to another family anyway. Apparently, the dads go to a market and come back with a cow, foods or other goods. They sell their daughters and ask the girls to walk to this uncle's house to help where she finds out she was married off.⠀

So at age 14/15 girls are married off and have children. She says you see women in their early 20's with 6 children to take care of in addition to farming, cooking, cleaning. At this point, my heart is getting churned.⠀

And Jennifer. She finished law school and left her city life to set up camp with these women. She is an hour away from the closest WIFI. She runs around doing law work to fund her project. Then she goes around collects paper from the US Embassy and other companies that donate.⠀

She gathers these women to roll beads and sells them. With the money, she sends one girl to school at a time. She hopes, she says, that with this project, she will break the cycle of uneducated women in that village. How selfless!⠀

And you and I care about 'what she said and what he said'! Women! Every time you run into worldly troubles, remember you could be actually spending that time getting another soul out of misery! Please, seek out local and international initiatives. See if you can at least connect them to the right people or maybe just send them your used paper. ⠀

Make it a mission to help. To give. And make it a mission to speak less, hear less, care less for wordly dramas. You are meant for greater things. You are a woman of Allah.

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