to the happy days

You guys know I have this love and hate relationship with watching a show. (Short version: one thing husband and I do together, but then personally feels wasteful.) 

Anyway, Blacklist. We watched last night and it was such a sad episode. Death of a husband. 10 months in comma. Child in the hands of who knows who. 

And it’s been under my skin all day. Reminds me of how one day we may have everything: loved ones, health, job, financial stability, etc. 

Then literally within hours, everything can fall apart. And we just don’t know when and what will spur that abyss. 

We see it happen all the time. Most times, it may miss us, but we all know, none of us are safe from the collapse. 

So you know, just a heart to heart. Hold on tight to what you have today. At this moment. Cherish the sweetness when you have it. 

And always remember to look at things, events, people as if you must be utterly loved by Allah to be enriched in so many ways. And also remember that whatever comes next, Allāh is still with you, still utterly loves you, and has your back. 

To the happy days. May we have more of them. And learn how to cherish them. Xoxo, Umeda

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