to get to your mind, you climb up your words

The words you choose have a big effect on your mindset. Something as simple as how you express your ideas... I mean that's something we don't think about, isn't it? I use whatever word that comes to my mind at that moment. It's automatic. (So automatic, sometimes I use three languages in one sentence.)

But if you really want insight into your mind, then listen to the words you utter. Things like (yesterday's) "I need more time" instead of "I will make best of my time."

Things like "I am tired" instead of "I will get rest."
How about "I am struggling" instead of "It's time I reevaluate."
Or "He didn't make time for me" instead of "I will make time for him."

It's true, just the thought of having to pay attention to what I say is exhausting! Oh look I just did it...

If you are serious about gaining the freedom that comes from positivity, then your mind is where you start. And to get to your mind, you climb up your words.

So tell me... what are some negative phrases or words you tend to use and how you can express them with a positive tone.

If the word has any small or big negative implication, then it needs to be touched up. Turn your focus towards hope, next step, resolution, or simply the positive aspect of the situation.

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