time & priorities

What's on my mind lately? Time. And priorities. ⠀

You know people set goals. And make sure the goals are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-based.) I haven't set goals in years. ⠀

Instead I set processes, or habits. If I have the right set of habits in place, I will reach goals whether I set them or not. I don't focus so much on the end goal. I focus on the journey. That's how I design my days. ⠀

Setting processes requires that I pick my priorities and very, very unfortunately I also have to shed things. I have to shed consistently. Even things that may bring joy to me. ⠀

In truth, shedding is a requirement. Because if you don't intentionally shed, then you spend time on it. And when you spend time on that, you are taking away time from something that may matter more. ⠀

Letting go is very hard to do, especially when there is some sort of emotional attachment involved. But it is essential for making room for things, people, events that matter... more.⠀

Allah needs room. To make this space, you need to shed. Sometimes 'shed' doesn't do that action justice. It's more like 'pull away' like pulling away a tick from skin. ⠀

Yes, time and priorities are on my mind. And I'm again analyzing what I need to shed. Have you thought about making more space lately?

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