time & barakah

-We say we don't have it to add better habits.⠀ ⠀
-We don't have it to do our salah. ⠀
-We don't have it for rememberance of Allah. ⠀
-We don't have it to open the Quran.⠀
-We don't have it to search for answers to the questions that follow us around. ⠀
-We don't have it to show kindness... to others AS WELL AS ourselves. ⠀
-We don't have it to reflect on our time.⠀

Yes, no time to reflect on how we are using time.⠀

On a recent post, we learned Allah IS time. We have Him, we have Time. ⠀

So we must be missing barakah. It's illogical how barakah works. Or maybe it's so logical, my mind can't capture it. ⠀

But it doesn't add up. I have the same amount of seconds, minutes, and hours. I do a lot of busy work and time seems to fly by leaving me feeling like I didn't achieve anything! Sometimes, I do little and a lot gets done. ⠀

Barakah in time is what we all are yearning for. To get that we need Allah's help to align us and our habits towards our top priorities: faith, family, health, work, and of course, fun!⠀⠀
We need to consistently evaluate how we are using our time and if we are still aligned or if we have shifted again. ⠀

Barakah can be hard to understand but when we have it, we can make time for everything that really matters... even if it's in small chunks.⠀ 

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