threatening emails

I and my resellers received threatening emails few days ago regarding TDJ (now addressed and settled.)

I was accused with no grounds by an amateur using a harassment method.

I was so disappointment with the abuser's lack of basic professionalism.

And I was reminded of importance of character and best practices, especially in Islam. As you can clearly see through my posts, I am not in this to collect money or fame. In honesty, I would not be harmed by quitting TDJ.

 I do it because we need it. I need it. I do it for accountability of my iman growth. I do it in case it may help you. TDJ is my hobby. It feeds my passion in Islam, psychology, and writing.

Regardless of it being a hobby or a career, professionalism is of utmost importance.

Both our Prophet and Khadijah (pbut), valued and were known for their professionalism, ethics, and good character: in life and in business.

We focus so much on checking boxes in our faith: Gain reward through this, through that. But we miss the countless requests from Allah in the Quran to pay close attention to our character.

Professionalism is a basic requirement in any dealings, personal or business. People will be in the wrong... let you down... try to harm and intimidate you... strategize against you. None of this, as inviting as they seem, should allow you to behave in an unprofessional way. In Taqwa, self-protection is weighed upon heavily. So restrain from saying things through emotions.

Restrain from returning negativity with negativity.

Restrain from acting beyond ethics. Always seek ways to develop yourself, your speech, your knowledge, your attitude, and your network.

Read on things you are currently dealing with. Ask good questions. Know your regulations and your business. And especially know your case and best practices when handling issues. Surround yourself with people who are professional. This needs to be a priority as it is crucial for our (esp. women's) success to have a network with diverse expertise.⠀And have high standards for yourself, especially your character.

Our character sets us apart as people of Allah just as much as our religious practices. 🌷Umeda⠀

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