the year of yes

I'm currently listening to the audiobook 'The Year of Yes' by Shonda Rhimes, a writer and producer of several well-known TV shows.

She mentions in the book that as a child she loved spending time in the kitchen pantry all by herself. And she lived so deep in her imagination and found herself to be the happiest and at home there. If she had a choice, she preferrs to be in that pantry as an adult even today. You can imagine my eyes opening wider and wider as I listen to this.

Why? Because aren't we ALL like this?

Living in our own imagination, building our own realities, and hiding ourselves from so many TRUTHS... because it is SCARY OUT THERE. Stalking up all these worldly materials around us as if they are unperishable like canned foods! Cocooned in a little world forgetting THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO THIS WORLD than what you see. But we are safest and the most comfortable there... in our own realities. Uhm... But EVERYTHING (good AND bad) is just outside the unlocked door!

 Do you get what I'm saying? We live in the world of Allah no matter how deep, dark, closed up we hide. Allah is with us at all times. He sees right through us. We can't hide. Open up your door today. Let the light shine on your heart. Think about Allah. Think about what you've been neglecting in your faith. And how you can improve. Think about how you can be more present in THIS world, the world of Allah... the one outside of your little, dark, and overstalked pantry. 🌷Umeda

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