the most important opinion

Teaching kids who’s opinion is more important must start early.

I spent so much of my life trying to make the wrong people happy.Although I knew Allah was important, it didn’t come naturally that my thoughts should revolve around Him and His way.

So I make it a priority to teach my kids about their Creator and the One and Only who can answer their duas, protect them, and raise them to great heights. Nobody’s friendship and good-opinion will outlast that of Allah.

I’m definitely not perfect. And I’m not wise enough to get this parenting just right. And I’m not thinking as strategically and clearly as it takes to make these kiddos to be as righteous and pious as I would love them to be. So I make Dua.

I talk and talk and talk. I explain I’m also in my own journey. And I use all the resources I can to show them what’s important.

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