the little things

My kids are on spring break this week. To celebrate, we laid out all the blankets on the living room floor and cuddled up and slept together (the three kiddos and I.) 


In the calm of the night, when the storm of their energy had passed, they seemed like little kids again. When the tattle-tailing ends. When fighting with each other passes. When back-talking doesn’t exist. When stomping away isn’t a thing.


They seemed like delicate angels. My 4.5 year old boy wrapped his arms around my wrist, sleeping on his side. It was such a sweet moment. A moment where I felt so blessed to be a mother. A moment where I remembered the sweetness of this life. A moment where I was struck with the magic of having three breaths singing in rhythm, three breaths that came through me.


Allah’s blessings. Today, take a moment to pay attention to things you usually miss out. Do you have kids? Watch them fall asleep. Are you a spouse? Watch the other as he/she is focused on something else. Are you a sister, a daughter, a friend? Watch them as they talk. The sweetness of having someone you love. The sweetness of their existence. The sweetness of the spaces they fill.


 It’s so easy to miss out on the little things. The little things that make the biggest difference in life. Appreciate. And remember Allah blessed you with these little things. And remember there are probably a million other little things Allah has blessed you with. Start digging for these little things. And appreciate.

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