the domino effect of our decisions

Every choice we make, we build on it.

Buy one thing, you will add more to it. Read one book, you will do more around it. Fast one day, you will want the other things that go with it.

You make one choice consciously, the next three will happen automatically. Your initial choice is the director, it opens the door, it paves the route, it leads forward. The follower choices, you won't notice, though so many of them.

We need to stop underestimating the meaning of choices. The depth of decisions. And their effects on the quality of our lives. No, it's not just this one time. It's this one time plus many others that won't ask you for permission.

We build on our choices. So what choice are you making today? What are you building on today? Are you raising yourself up by building a strong foundation? Or are you building a skyscraper that overshadows your significance?

Build toward the path of Allah. Rise above the pulls and pushes of society. You and I have no time for this. You and I are not meant for this.

Awaken. Take charge. Build a life of purity, of strength, of honesty, of intelligence. Always choose the path of growth, of forgiveness, of intention, of balance. Build what is inside and raise yourself up.

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