the comforting words of Allah

Our challenges are definitely shifting. I remember the times when there weren’t many translated Islamic resources or if there were, they were difficult to access.

Now there is so much to the point you don’t know how to keep up or often where to start. Or we are consuming so much information, we deny ourselves the time to process, ponder and apply to our lives.

But throughout this process, from the very beginning, we always had a compass. Even an anchor. Although we forget, the very basic foundation of our knowledge is the Quran.

There will be a million books and lectures regarding the contents of the Quran.  But none, absolutely none, will hold the same merit as going back to the Book ourselves and get anchored down with the words of our Creator.

As soon as you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, remind yourself this. What you need is the comforting words of Allah Himself. 

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