the blessing of choices

Remember that gray crisscross bonnet hijab I had? My cousin brought it from Tajikistan. It was the only one I had. I really loved it because it was light, small, and super easy to put on. And it looked classy! 

I made a mistake to wear it to the swimming pool. :(. It was before I finally bought my Lyra swimsuit (which I dislike by the way) and after I started covering my hair. Don’t laugh. But the chlorine bleached my hijab. 

And now I wanted to get more, but guess what, they made it illegal to sell hijab in Tajikistan. Taking men to the police station to shave off their beard was one thing. Not allowing hijabis to work in public another. Now it’s a whole new level.

It saddens me that instead of pushing on education to block off extremist recruitment, some Muslim-majority countries are pushing away their Muslimhood. Education goes a long ways in showing how extremism is not a way of Islam.

I tell you, although I was taught fear, I was in love with my faith from an early age. But it wasn’t until I came to the US that I really learned my religion which made me fall in love even more. 

And today, I’m happy to be here and to not be bothered legally about my choice to cover my hair. And to have the option for my husband to grow his beard because he looks incredibly sexy with it.  Despite all the talks, US tries to accept all people.

I appreciate that. Feeling BLESSED Alhamdulillah. Allah, protect us and keep our trust in You sturdy.

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