the big sick

Friday night, I went out with a couple girlfriends to dinner and a movie named 'The Big Sick'. It's a true story about a Pakistani immigrant who falls in love with a non-Muslim and the family drama that comes with that.

There was a point when he had to spill out to his parents about not practicing Islam. He says, I'm happy you embrace Islam and that it has made you better people. But, he says, I don't know what I believe in.

In reality, this is so common. Many Muslims resonate with I'm a Muslim, but I don't really know what I believe in. In a way, it is resistance. Resistance to have to turn away from what is acceptable, in the western world especially. All the sacrifice... it doesn't make sense.

When in reality sacrifices are made daily. I sacrificed the sweetness of waking up at my own time for my job. I sacrificed my freedom for the sake of companionship with my husband. We sacrifice so much for worldly things. It's uncomfortable but we know we have to.

But we are unwilling to make sacrifices for Allah. Knowing that consequences do exist. Knowing that somewhere in our heart we do believe in Him, in His message, in the Hereafter, etc. They make sense. But resistance.

Pay attention to what you are resisting. Is it maybe taking more effort to resist than just doing it? And please, don't chew your nails out thinking everything you will need to give up when you DECIDE what you believe in. With the decision... with a set mind...'sacrifices' become acts of love and respect.

Take small steps, but don't stop. Decide this is for you. Seek it. And live it. Because you get to. This is an unmatched opportunity. And grab a copy of The Dua Journal to soothe your journey towards building love and connection with Allah. 

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