the beginning of low iman: perception of overestimated investment

The NY trip was such an iman drain for me. I bet this is pretty typical for travel. And this is probably why Allah shortened prayers during travel.

The reality of prayer is that it can be done pretty much anywhere and any time.

The only thing that gets in our way is our 'perceived' investment in doing the prayer.

Honestly, quite often the trouble is only in the perceived investment in getting READY... i.e. wudu. Because once you are on the mat, the rest comes organically.

On the 3rd day of our trip, we went out to see the Statue of Liberty and Central Park in Manhattan. We had a family friend join us. I took the kids to the bathroom at one point and when I come back she said she did her prayer on the bench right outside Central Park. #soinspiring

I could have totally performed wudu when I took the kids to the bathroom. I love @WithASpin_ 's wudu pal for this. #muslimessentials. Since I didn't have it, I could have totally bought a water bottle on my way to the bathroom. If not, I could have just wet a few paper towels. I mean, #soeasy.

All it takes is holding yourself accountable. All it takes is the willingness to invest the energy which often is A LOT less than we 'perceive'.

Now apply this to whatever you are going through. Check your perception today. Are you holding back because you think it will require a lot from you?

If yes, then sit that perception in its place. Salah is not hard work. Allah has made verything manageable and simple for us.

We just need the willingness and to regularly check-in with our perceptions. Often, perception does not reflect reality.

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