teaching and learning

The other day, I was talking to Ashley about how the significance and importance of teachers and apprenticeships have diminished.

Finding the right teacher used to be a big deal. People used to pride themselves over the opportunity to learn from someone wise, learned, and respected.

Now, our society has empowered every other Joe Shmoe to feel as if they can teach and ‘already have everything needed.’ Just Google it. Ask the Dua girl on Instagram. Etc.

Ashley was saying how her Alimah program teacher said no amount of reading will ever equal out to human to human transfer of knowledge.

And slowly I’m really yearning to be a learner, a student of a teacher I aspire to be. Of course, that doesn’t mean I will depend on this one teacher to give me everything. I will still read. I will still watch.

And I want to always have a teacher who I can bring things back to and ask their perspective or to help me connect the dots.

Through this account, I gear my mindset toward teaching and quite honestly, I feel it’s difficult to shift back and forth between a teaching and learning mindset.

With a teaching mindset of course you still have to learn but the type of learning is different. You do it for the sake of being able to effectively transfer the knowledge to others.

With a learning mindset, you better apply it to your life, ask better questions, and dive deeper into the subject.

And that is something I need to work on. Balancing teaching with learning. And really have a bigger emphasis on the learning part.

I did join a program and with that a teacher and I will talk about why I chose them in the next post. Stay tuned.

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