take a chill pill

You know it’s time to take a chill pill when you can’t even listen to a nine minute video on staying open. I was listening to Lily Esterom podcast and I was literally feeling like I was getting suffocated by listening to her intentionally slow spoken, spiritually deep podcast. 

I reached my phone to turn it off and had this moment of clarity to call myself out. I left it on and took deep breaths and kept listening on. 

These are the clues that remind me it’s time I slow down. Because it starts with just a podcast but it moves on to not being able to listen to a partner, not being able to focus on my prayers, not being able to see the value in making time for my soul. 

Watch out for the clues, be mindful, and do respond. Do do something. Do strive for well-being. And do stay open hearted.

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