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You know how in marketing the current trend is 'subscribe to my website and I will send you ________'. So I did that. In the sign up page, there were all these promises: you will get access to this amazing thing that usually costs 10x, blah blah.

I entered my email address and clicked on the big, shiny button. The next page said, 'Thank you. We no longer have this offer.'

There were a few words you wouldn't approve of run in my thoughts. And then there was a spark... OMG isn't this just like how shaytan works?

You know all the promises. Don't pray... who has time for that... that's a dependancy you don't need... BE FREE! Be wild! #NoRestraint Eat what you want. Drink what you want. Lose yourself. Be numb. Let Loose.

And then when you actually fall into it... it's a short glory... followed by a cloud of 'WELL THAT'S OVER... WHAT NOW?' Then you keep going back to letting loose thinking maybe this one will be a longer-lived experience. Then it doesn't stick again. #disappointment

Reality is... you wake up again. And there is life again. And that emptiness again. And no promise of this world will ever be good enough again.

And then there is just you again. And Allah watching again. And the only thing missing again... is your will to give in... surrender... accept... that all along all you needed and need is... Allah again.

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