striving to connect

I talk with so many of you on the background and we all have so many different circumstances.

Some have been traveling. Some struggling to wake up. Some got sick. I personally am behind on my Quran reading. And I’m traveling all of next week. .

Unfortunately, it won’t all go as perfectly as we imagined, planned, and strived for. But(!), do remember how graciously Allah provided us with so many opportunities to make up the days we missed. .

The beauty of Ramadan is that it helps us get started SO WE HAVE THE MOMENTUM TO KEEP GOING. To keep striving and thriving! I’m starting to think I won’t finish Quran by Eid, but I will perhaps finish during Shawwal! There is nothing wrong with overflowing our goals to the next month. .

My point today is this: don’t let the disappointment of not achieving perfect, lower your standards and quality on the CORE thing: striving to connect with Allah. .

Allah is not only in your fasts, your readings, your prayers, or the other forms of worship you are doing right now. Allah is constant. Allah is always there. And THAT is perfect. .

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