strategic Ramadan

Remember how you had so much planned and then when time came, hunger hit, energy dipped, and all you thought about was iftar? Well, it’s time to strategize now. Think through this. Consider and respect your limitations. Plan around them. I asked yesterday what you wouldn’t do because things need to be knocked off so they can be replaced by the things you want to get to. Intentions are great, but planning is crucial. And best of plans are those which are realistic and manageable. 

Your capacity goes down during Ramadan. Your body is going through a lot because it is shoved into a new routine. Your mind is going through a lot because of all the pressures of religious, familial, individual and community duties. So you are probably at 60% capacity, maybe less depending on how much you usually eat, any conditions you have, how you handle ‘new’ situations, etc. 

So you have to consider the fact that you have to knock off 40% of what you usually handle and additional if you are setting a Ramadan/Quran goal. 

For many of us, there is cleaning, cooking, kids, husbands, work which can’t be ‘knocked off’ the list. So much of barely existent ‘me-things’ are going bye bye. And that reduces mental capacity too because you are giving out a lot but not doing much that feeds you. 

So now really think about your ideal day. Realistically ideal day. One you can accomplish more often then not. Schedule in bold, red letters where exactly that Ramadan/Quran goal is going in. Is that a time you can manage doing it without forcing yourself too much? Is that a time you will be left alone? Is that a time that won’t be filled by unexpected things like baby crying, guests, husband comes home, meetings get scheduled?

Think through and really consider all things that may get in your way. This is called STRATEGIZING. And if you want to succeed in things big and small, strategy will get you there one way or another.

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