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Today I went to a Women in Business and Innovation conference. One of the speakers mentioned the biggest factor in the demise of the Kodak brand. EVEN THOUGH they KNEW the market was moving towards digital cameras, they failed to pivot their business strategy.

The profit from the film business was too good! It made me think... you know... in the faith department, when we know we need to change something. But just turn away from thinking about it.

We tell ourselves just don't THINK about this right now. Or you know you should start doing better. But don't take the next step in actually planning out how or in what ways. If I just don't pay attention to this right now. 'Ok, like, I know I should stop doing this. But... just think about something else.' Quick! Before I will make it a big enough deal to take care of it. 

Talk about redefining 'Kodak Moment'. Listen, I know this real well because I'm right there with you. I have lots of 'Kodak Moments' where I just cut reflecting on areas that need some thinking and improving. This is discipline! I know it's inconvenient. But you have to be one that is steady. One that is thinking few steps ahead. One that steps above their short-term gratification. Kodak is a sad story. They went bankrupt after years of hard work. If you want your iman to last, unlike the Kodak brand, you've got to think two steps ahead. Don't close your eyes to issues that will slowly bring you down. You know mirages exist and you may run into one... or many... take steps to prevent getting caught up. And if you do get caught up, take steps to get out of it asap.

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