We have such a flawed mentality on parenting.

We adopt this sense of ownership over our children.We overestimate our superiority by attempting to mold our children to meet OUR expectations and imposing OUR priorities.

We forget children are equivalent to us in the eyes of Allah. They come to earth THROUGH us... not FROM us. They do not originate from us, but Allah Himself. They do not belong to us, but only to Allah.⠀
Much of our parenting struggles come from our twisted expectations leaving us AND our children stressed out and unhappy.⠀
How much we overestimate our position in this relationship! We are only tools to carry on Allah's plans... to carry on His message... to carry on the key to leading a fulfilling life.⠀
Our responsibility comes in supporting children in their journey towards Allah in healthy and productive ways.

Not in pushing them hither and tither to meet and exceed societal norms and priorities. ⠀
What children need are more people to look up to, not intimidators who look down upon them. We need more people who inspire children towards guidance, not oppress them to the other way.⠀
What our children need is balance in the home; Trustworthy and caring parents; Compassionate and understanding advisors. ⠀
How do we make our children more spiritual? By becoming worthy LEADERS in our home, PROMOTERS of Allah's love and majesty, and TEACHERS who don't stop being students. ⠀
Raising good Muslims begins with developing ourselves first and flourishing balanced children through respect and support. The rest is in Allah's hands. 🌷Umeda

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