sorry, guys

I went to my brother's house with my family today. They weren't home. Luckily, they were only 10-15 minutes away and their backyard faces a community park. So we all went to the park to hang out. 

At one moment, as I sit, my husband complains that I should have called before coming so we didn't have to wait like this... my son complains that he has to pee... and my daughter says, "Mama, did you forget to grab a bag? The dog is pooping."

I took a deep breath and decided not to respond to anyone. I just said, "Sorry, guys."

Sometimes, we just have to NOT sweat the small stuff. Sometimes, we need to focus on the fresh air I was breathing, the beautiful clouds above my head, the greenery I was surrounded by, and most importantly, the ability to watch my family all around me. 

Oh and I totally wrote I'm grateful for squash, carrot, curry soup in my The Dua Journal today. I swear I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life. Have you mentioned your favorite dish in your Journal? 

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