set the ego aside

We can’t control most of what happens around us. But we can what’s inside with practice and consistency.

Our biggest enemy and the trap to our downfall is EGO. The fact that we let our ego feed on us and our relationships.

There is a difference between having respect for ourselves and demanding one from others.

There is a difference between expecting to be treated with human decency and demanding others to honor our entitlement.

Others’ level of success does not make you or yours less. And you are not completely protected from the kind of loss others have experienced.

The only One deserving of complete pride is the One who owns every little thing outside and inside of you. Beside Allah, you and I, we are nothing. But in His eyes, we have the opportunity to matter. And that mattering is the only one that matters. Set the ego aside and live with respect and humility. Allah watches.

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