selective attention

As G, my husband, and I drove, he was getting annoyed at a sound that was coming from the back seat. He asks me, 'Can't you hear it? That ticking sound!' Me: 'Nope.'

In any situation, there are millions of sensory information demanding your attention. But your brain automatically accepts a few and ignores the rest. It's called selective attention.

Think of it like holding a flashlight in the dark. Whatever that light shines on is what you see. Your brain does the same. You are aware of what that light is shining on. Everything else... blissful ignorance. This is something YOU can intentionally manipulate. You can train your brain to choose what it accepts and ignores.

The Dua Journal is a tool you can use to train yourself. Think of it as a training program. If you've been consistent with your journal, you should have noticed already that your mindset has shifted through regular dua. Weights have probably shifted off your shoulders because you are now more trusting of Allah in regards to your worries, pain, desires, and dreams.

Your life is probably sweeter to you now because you are focusing on things you are grateful for. Things that prove how blessed you are. You realize now how much you HAVE instead of lack.

Your days are now meaningful because you are focusing on what went right. At first you probably intentionally ignored things that went wrong, but now, you can't even think of what went wrong. Because on the next section of 'what I could have done better', you intentionally dig for something to improve.

As for your iman, you are probably more at peace because you are making constant progress instead of the stagnant guilt you used to feel.

Selective attention.
The Dua Journal.
Training program.
Spotlight on things that matter.
On positive.
On acceptance, peace, balance, love, and growth.

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